Meeting online on
11th of June at 11:00
Tilda Publishing
Meeting online on
11th of June at 11:00
Tilda Publishing
We invite you to a culinary master-class, which will be held in an online format. We will prepare three dishes: shrimp caesar salad, chicken cordon bleu with potatoes and cheesecake.
Below you will find a list of necessary kitchen equipment, and the courier will deliver all the ingredients.
What we will cook
More products
More products
Preparation for master-class
Take out and lay out all the products from the set
Lay cutting boards and knives in front of you
Put on an apron
Connect to the broadcast channel
Follow the link at the top of the page and under this schedule so that everyone can communicate with each other (the link will be available one hour before the event)
11:10 – 11:20
11:10 – 11:20
Gather all together
Chef and MC explainl how everything will happen
11:20 – 14:00
11:20 – 14:00
Cooking, drinking, chatting, having fun
Who will cook with you
More products
Share your culinary masterpieces
Post photos of the process on Instagram and tag our account - @culinary_on
Every month we give prizes for the best photo and honest feedback.
Technical Instructions for Zoom connection
For a comfortable workshop, it is important that everyone can communicate, see and hear each other.
This will allow you to monitor the process of each participant, provide timely comments and have a great evening.
To connect to Zoom you will need:
Mobile device (phone, laptop or tablet) with the ZOOM application installed
If you have a ZOOM application, then go to the next step.
If you do not have the ZOOM application, then the application is available for download on your phone or tablet in the Google Market or the App Store.

Important: use only one device for each participant, otherwise it will add an echo to the whole broadcast!
Registration on Zoom
Please log in if you have a profile on the platform or register to create a new profile.
Video communication from your side will be provided by the front camera of your device, it is better to wipe it in advance for more clear visibility. For stable video conferencing, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi with a good signal, mobile Internet may be unstable.
As a sound device it is recommended to use:

Headset - in case you cook yourself
Any headset is suitable, but we recommend using a wireless one (there will be more freedom in movement)

Portable column - if you cook in several hands (two people)
If the speaker is without a microphone, your sound will go through the microphone of the phone or tablet, take this into account when placing the devices.

We advise you to take into account the total time of the event (about 3.5 hours) and recommend that you charge all your devices (speaker, headset, tablet / mobile phone) to the maximum, and also be able to connect to chargers.

We urge you not to use the speakerphone, this can also add an echo to the air!
Technical instructions for Twitch connection
You will need a computer or phone with internet access.
For broadcasting, we use the platform, please register on it in advance to be able to communicate with other participants and the chef!