Immersive Wine Casino
The first immersive wine casino with 3D mapping projection
looping image
Welcome projection
We welcome the guest with a simple minimalistic projection, where is visible the company logo and a placeholder with the name of the guest. Place holder is made with the simple on top of the chips of each player
60 seconds
Intro projection
We project on the table a short video about Casino and wine to get people in the mood for the game
60 seconds
Rules and instruction video
90 seconds instruction video on the rules of the game ,
4 minutes
First round of wine casino
We project our wine casino table serve the wine in the usual way and let the players place their bets
A time shows the countdown until when they can place the last bet...
90 seconds
Disclose the wine animation
The sommllier discloses the wine the different attributes of the wine and the table become animated to show the wine, the winning bets and videos about the wine attribute, region etc.
90 seconds
Degustation connected to the wine
A dish connected to the wine is brought to the table, the wine casino scenario disappears and on the table, we project a video inspired from the wine and dish
LightScene EV-115 Accent Lighting 3LCD Laser Projector
Small and easy to install
It is installed on rails similar to the one use by light system
Birght and versitile
2200 lumen, high definition
Affordable = 2500 euro
Probably we will need 4 to 6 projector for a Wine Casino Experience (Table projection only)