Wine tasting
Let's meet online
How do we do it?
Event flow and event hosts
What do we taste?
Wine sets of your choice
Different price options
What is the price?
Wine tasting
Let's meet online
Support and help your team that works from home to bond. Our sommelier has selected special sets of wines for the tasting to make your wine journey interesting, to immerse you in the world of wine and gastronomy.


Up to 300 guests at the same time
We organize online streaming events. All you need is a laptop or your phone


We will deliver wine to you
We will deliver the wine and tell you how to prepare it before tasting


2 hours of
online wine tasting
Event will be live streamed. After the tasting, you will receive a video recording
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Stay Home
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Stay Home
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How do we prepare and conduct an online Wine Tasting?
1 step
Organization of the tasting
Determining the date and time of the event and ordering wine sets with delivery.
2 step
Preparation for the tasting
Delivery of wine sets to each address.
Preparation of inventory:
- a corkscrew (or a sommelier's knife)
- a glass for wine (preferably a cabernet shape)
- decanter (optional)
3 step
Getting ready for the online Event
A few days before the event we will send a website to the participants with the following information:
- Time and date of the event
- Event flow
- Communication during the event
- Sommelier and event manager
4 step
Live streaming - the PARTY TIME!
Online tasting starts at the specified time.
All the participants can simply join the session by going to the website they received and turning on the streaming.

Program of the tasting:
- The rules of wine tasting
- Analysis of 3 wines
- Storage rules
- Gastronomic combinations
- Influence of glass shape on taste
Exclusive wines
Sparkling wines
White wines
Red wines
Rose wines
Choosing snacks
The minimum order value for one address is 2,400 ₽
More products
Adding a buffet
900 ₽ per box / 6 pieces per serving:

1. Cracker with salami mousse
2. Julienne in a basket with parmesan
3. Pancake bags with chicken julienne and walnuts
4. Cucumber with lime mousse and tiger shrimp
5. Bread with salmon and currants
6. Roll with ham and rosemary
Price options
The final price depends on the selected options. If necessary, we can provide snacks, and additional services that will diversify your online event