Fun Virtual Culinary
For everyone, who stays at home
Fun Virtual Culinary
For everyone, who stays at home
Virtual Culinary events will turn the boring daily routine into exciting culinary journey. Together with our Chef we will cook delicious menu recipes with jokes, lifehacks and real-time answers of your questions.
We organise on-line streaming via Twitch or Zoom. All you need is laptop or your phone.

Our team with professional chef and event manager will hold the event in a bright, fun, interactive way
Communication and language skills practice in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can ask questions to the team during the event
The entire session will be in a format of life streaming and also will be recorded.
After the event you will enjoy recipes and video record.
How to organise
Virtual Culinary event?
1 step
Let's choose the menu for your Virtual Culinary event
You should choose the menu set. All participants will get the list of ingredients from our Chef before the event and will be able to purchase everything in their closest grocery shop.
2 step
Let's prepare event flow
Several days before the event we will set up a web-page for all the participants, where they can find following information:
  • Time and date of the Virtual event
  • Menu
  • Virtual Event guide
  • How to communicate during the Virtual event
  • Chef and Virtual event hosts
  • Virtual event flow and other acitvities (optional)
3 step
Let's get ready for a Virtual Event
We will launch a life streaming at event start time. Participants will only require to join the session from the webpage, that will be shared with them several days before the event.
4 step
Life streaming - the PARTY TIME!
After the Virtual event each participant will receive from us a video record of the event and recipes, that they cooked with Chef.
Let's choose the menu
We will send you the list of ingredients and utensils before the event to be prepared
Branch Set (day time)
Mushrooms Risotto
Pear Cheesecake
Dinner Set (evening tome)
Caprese with Burrata
Сheese Pancake with Berry Sauce
Price options
1000 RUB / per person
On-line streaming can be done via Twitch or Zoom using 2 cameras.
Team work: event manager, chef cook, operator, moderator

Send your request

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